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Introduction to Our Scholarship Program

Rebecca’s Eating Disorder Foundation provides scholarships for financial assistance to those suffering from eating disorders who want recovery but do not have the funds to enter a treatment program. Our scholarships can provide access to every level of care of eating disorder treatment.

We carefully consider each application based on a variety of factors to determine an awarded amount of funds, if any, and the expiration of funds. These factors include, but are not limited to, eligibility, financial need, medical necessity, and willingness.  Submitting this application is not a guarantee of  a scholarship award, financial assistance, or payment.

Rebecca’s Eating Disorder Foundation does not reimburse or fund past treatment stays or education scholarships.

Eligibility and Requirments

In order to qualify as eligible the applicant must:

Have no medical insurance or be underinsured, meaning that their medical insurance will not pay for part or all of the necessary treatment.

Show that their support groups are unable or unwilling to provide financial support (extended family, friends, religious institution, medical insurance, etc.)

Demonstrate a strong desire and show willingness to recover from an eating disorder.

Recommendations will be based on ranking the following criteria on a Likert scale:

Urgency of Need (Based on APA Criteria)

Ratio of Income to Expenses

Insurance Provisions

Willingness of Support Network Involvement

Willingness of Applicant to Involve Support Network

Specialized Treatment

Rebecca’s Eating Disorder Foundation is on a mission help sufferers of eating disorder access specialized treatment. Specialized treatment is our focus because not every clinical provider or treatment program is able to adequately treat an eating disorder.

For this reason, we are selective in our treatment provider and program suggestions. We have taken special consideration in assessing capabilities to meet our standards of care, and only recommend those who specialize in eating disorders. As a result, any awarded scholarship amount will only be applicable to select treatment providers.

Rebecca’s Eating Disorder Foundation operates based on donations only, and does not receive any remuneration from providers or programs for referrals.

Eligible Levels of Care

Rebecca’s Eating Disorder Foundation Scholarship funding may cover the following levels of care:

Residential or Inpatient Treatment

Day Treatment

Partial Hospitalization Programs

Intensive Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient Treatment (Individual Sessions, Family Sessions, and/or Group Sessions)

Transitional Living

Release of Information

The submitted information is used to determine the applicant’s need for help. It will be viewed only by Rebecca’s Eating Disorder Foundation Board of Directors and Clinical Advisory Board, the chosen treatment provider upon applicant’s agreement, and will not be released to anyone else without the explicit written consent of the applicant.

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