Flatten Your Belly, Reduce Bloat and Get Rid of Toxins Without Strict Dieting!!!

OMG I want all of that please!

Here is what they don’t tell you on the box. Yes it may be organic and made from herbs but those herbs make you shit your brains out. That is how you get that flat belly and get rid of your bloat. Now to those of you who abuse laxatives may be thinking so what. However when diarrhea occurs, essential fluids and salts are lost from the body and must be quickly replaced. Dehydration and loss of electrolytes is natural after being poopy and as a result is very dangerous during the summer months. What comes out must be put back in. So in turn it is false weight loss and super dangerous especially if you are a boozer.

Let me tell you a story. A few years ago, I was on my way to wine country with a crew of sexy Orange County hair stylist. The bodies on these girls are amazing. So knowing I’d be in a bikini that weekend, I did what I usually do starved myself for a few days and drank diet tea at night. When the car came to pick me up that morning I felt ok about my body but I didn’t have time to use the bathroom before I left. About 3 hours into the drive my tummy started to cramp and there was no rest stop in sight. Holy Shit! I thought I was going to shit my thong. Thirty minutes later we found a gas station and I relieved myself.

That was a close call but oh no, that wasn’t all of it. We began do to some wine tasting and for me that’s more like wine chugging. I don’t eat like a lady and I definitely don’t drink like one. When my buzz started to kick in we had made it back to the house and set up a baby pool to cool down in and drink wine. That’s when my tummy started to cramp again. I thought, “I can’t have anything left inside me,” so I let out a little fart. It helped and I continued drinking away the day. When I finally got out of the pool and stumbled to the bathroom I realized I had shit my bikini. The Shame from that was so embarrassing but that wasn’t all. The dehydration I experienced the next few days from the tea and the drinking was unbearable. I ended up in the hospital.