Lara entered the Eating Disorder Community over 20 years ago. She had an Eating Disorder that destroyed many of her dreams for her future. Fortunately, she sought professional help and became a speaker at ANAD and for South Coast Medical Hospital. She became a private chef for a transitional eating disorder home.  Her goal was to increase awareness of the issues of eating disorders and hope for recovery.

The journey to recovery was not smooth or straight, and after a lengthy relapse into addiction, Lara sought professional help again. This time she began to work a program and seek help from other women who really knew and recognized the problems and issues of having an Eating Disorder. Rebecca became her mentor.

Through looking at the causes, effects, and social pressures, she grew her awareness of how much needed to be done to help people with Eating Disorders.

Her mission became to increase awareness and educate the public about eating disorders and the journey of recovery.  She feels Rebecca’s Foundation is one of the platforms to achieve that goal.

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