It’s funny how synchronicity works in this universe. I set out to get sober, so that I could find love and get married, but in the process, I fell in love with myself. It started when I met this incredible woman who became my AA sponsor. She was a dancer in Ireland who had this way about her. What drew me to her was her spirituality and her dancing hands as she spoke about life. Her passion for recovery was magical. I had heard early on that if you wanted to stay sober you stick with the winners. Well, I like to achieve and win, so this made sense.  Also, she had an amazing connection to her body and her heart. To be honest, I thought for sure as a dancer she must have body image issues and an Eating Disorder. That was part of the reason I chose her to sponsor me, but she didn’t. She could appreciate her body for the health it could provide, and the flexibility it could learn to endure.

As an ex athlete, I knew my body could endure pain, but I never connected it with enduring health or the flexibility she expressed. I had never met anyone who appreciated their body as a gift before. It was a true eye opener at that time in my life. I was used to being with women who used their bodies as athletic machine like me. I was also used to being around women who seemed to love their bodies in vain ways. “Half naked selfies types”, on social media. We all know them. That wasn’t her. She embraced herself as spiritual being having a human body. After so many years of looking for ways to have “the perfect body”, this woman was put in my life to teach me how to reconnect with my spiritual self and to love my organic gifts. Shit, all had I wanted to do was get sober, fall in love, and get married. Well, that all happened.  I got sober, fell in love, and almost got married.  That was NOT the answer or solution.  Finding self-love, self-value, and appreciation for the body my high power gave me was a much better gift.  My journey had gotten bumpy, but now I was moving forward again.