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Our Mission

We are on a mission to provide scholarships for specialized treatment to those recovering from eating disorders, supporting research, and increasing public awareness.

Our Vision

We envision making specialized eating disorder treatment, and the opportunity to experience the freedom of full recovery, accessible to everyone.

Our Values

Our values act as the guiding light of our pursuit – Connectedness, compassion, empowerment, respect, transparency, and self-love that lead to a life of purpose.

Meet Our Team
Rebecca Cooper

Rebecca Cooper

President & Founder | LMFT | LPCC | CEDS

Rebecca Cooper is the founder and president of Rebecca’s Eating Disorder Foundation.

After years of experience helping clients recover from the effects of dieting, obesity, eating disorders, addictions, and disordered eating, she is now embarking on a mission to make quality eating disorder treatment available to everyone.

Rebecca Cooper is a licensed therapist, certified eating disorder specialist, international speaker, and author…


Samantha Alguadich

Samantha Alguadich

VP of Strategic Planning and Marketing

Samantha Alguadich brings with her almost a decade of experience working in the mental health field as part of the Rebecca’s Eating Disorder Foundation team.

As a marketing and business development professional, she has helped several other organizations startup and expand.

Samantha’s passion for patient advocacy has directed her to the non-profit sector to be of maximum service to everyone that wants recovery…

Lara Reaves

Lara Reaves

Chief Operations Officer

Lara Reaves is the Chief Operating Officer of Rebecca’s Eating Disorder Foundation.

As COO Lara has a lot of moving parts. She organizes fundraisers, plans speaking events, reviews scholarship applications, directs marketing, and blogs for the Foundation. Her advocacy work as a public speaker is an integral part of her life’s work, as she strives to increase public awareness about Eating Disorders.

Lara is a certified Holistic Nutrition Practitioner, specializing in eating disorders. She works side by side with Rebecca Cooper to make this program be of maximum service to Eating Disorder community.