Why Do We Value Thinness?

First: We have to ask ourselves why we value “thinness” so much. What does “thin” really mean?

If “fat” is “bad,” then it logically follows that we are associating a whole lot of “good” into “thin.” Have you ever stopped and thought about that?

But what is it that we really think thin means?

Do we believe thinness as a symbol of beauty? Do we equate being thin to being successful, being popular or being disciplined? Did being thin mean earning the approval of parents? Did being thin mean getting the attention of a certain boy?

Second: Why do we value “thin” and fear the opposite?

That’s a question we have to work out in our brains, in our hearts, and with our Creator.

Personally, I viewed thinness as a status symbol. In my brain, the “thin” girls always got the guys, had the best clothes, they never failed, would find their prince charming, and they won all the awards. The “thin” girls also had this freedom that I craved–they didn’t have to watch what they ate. (Or at least that’s what I believed.) Identifying what we believe about being thin is vital to understanding any associated fears.
FAT= Failure and Loneliness
Third: Next, identifying who shaped that value can also help us come to a new understanding of where the value derived. Did a male figure make negative comments about overweight people? Did your mom only seem happy when she was dieting to get thin? Did a certain boy pay attention to you only after you lost the weight? These behaviors and words have a powerful influence on our belief systems.
By becoming aware of 1-2-3, now we have the knowledge and truth about how to change our thinking and actions.